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Code Snippets Pro presents the ultimate solution for managing customizations on your WordPress website. This powerful tool enables users to securely store all website customizations within a single, user-friendly dashboard, simplifying the management process. Unlike relying on multiple plugins for different functionalities, Code Snippets Pro reduces clutter by offering a comprehensive library of code snippets that can easily replace single-feature plugins.

Bid farewell to the hassle of maintaining child themes; with Code Snippets Pro, users can effortlessly toggle functions on and off, providing unmatched flexibility and ease of troubleshooting. Whether it’s PHP, CSS, JavaScript, or HTML snippets, this plugin ensures seamless integration of customizations into your WordPress website without compromising performance.

Core Features of Code Snippets Pro Plugin

  • Centralized Dashboard: Manage all website customizations conveniently from one dashboard, improving accessibility and organization.
  • Reduced Dependency on Plugins: Utilize an extensive library of code snippets that can replace single-feature plugins, minimizing the need for additional ones.
  • Child Theme Simplification: Simplify the management and troubleshooting of child themes by seamlessly toggling functions on and off.
  • Versatile Customization: Easily add PHP, CSS, JavaScript, or HTML snippets to your website, ensuring they are integrated correctly and securely.
  • Performance Optimization: Benefit from customized enhancements without compromising website speed or performance, thanks to efficient code implementation.

What’s New (Changelog) in Code Snippets Pro v3.6.4

= 3.6.4 (15 Mar 2024) =
* Fixed: Minor type compatability issue with newer versions of PHP.
* Improvement: Increment the revision number of CSS and JS snippet when using the ‘Reset Caches’ debug action. (PRO)
* Fixed: Undefined array key issue when initiating cloud sync. (PRO)
* Fixed: Bug preventing downloading a single snippet from a bundle. (PRO)
* Added: AI generation for all snippet types: HTML, CSS, JS. (PRO)
* Fixed: Translations not loading for strings in JavaScript files.
* Improved: UX in generate dialog, such as allowing ‘Enter’ to submit the form. (PRO)
* Added: Button to create a cloud connection directly from the Snippets menu when disconnected. (PRO)

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