The Web Book-How to create Websites with HTML, CSS, and PHP


The Web Book

How to create Web sites and applications with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL.


The Web Book

How to create Web sites and applications with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL.

About This Book

If you want to create web sites, there are hundreds of books and web pages that claim to
show you how. Some of them are very good indeed. But this book isn’t like all those other
books and web pages, for a number of important reasons:
1. The Web Book is an electronic book, or e-book. You simply download it as a PDF file
from and print it yourself. Or read it on-screen.
2. The Web Book covers all of the technologies that you need to know in order to create
Web sites, both using static HTML pages and database-driven sites.
3. Unlike many books on the subject that were written some years ago, The Web Book
teaches you up-to-date methods. Follow the instructions here and you can be
confident that you’re doing things in the right way, rather than using old-fashioned
techniques that are now frowned upon.
4. I’ve tried my hardest to keep everything non-technical. If you’re “into” computers,
you should be able to follow everything just fine. You certainly don’t need to be a
professional techie. In fact, if you are, you’ll probably take offence at the way I’ve
simplified some things. For which I apologise.
5. If you already look after a web site, perhaps for your school or college, or the
department you work for, you may be itching to take your skills to the next level. Or
maybe you didn’t actually get much training when you took on the responsibility, and
you don’t really understand how everything fits together. In which case, this book is
perfect for you. We don’t just tell you to press buttons. We explain what those
buttons do, and why you need to press (or not press!) them. 6. Here’s the best bit. The Web Book is free of charge. So if you want to teach yourself how to do Web stuff, whether for creating your own sites or to make sites for other

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people, just grab a copy of the PDF file, print out the book, and away you go.
One word of warning, though. Creating a web site and doing it properly isn’t a simple task
that can be done in an afternoon. Yes, we’ve all seen 2-page magazine articles that imply
otherwise, but sadly it’s just not true. Even at 329 pages, this book is only a basic
introduction to some of the more complex topics. It’s quite possible to buy books on HTML,
CSS, PHP and MySQL which each run to 800 pages. I wouldn’t recommend it, however,
unless you have trouble sleeping.


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